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Stabilizers by Brand

Choose from the top brands in embroidery stabilizer backing. If you need help deciding we are always a phone call away 1-800-898-0893.
  • Floriani Stabilizers

    Floriani stabilizers are made with only the best materials in order to make sure that your embroidered pieces meet the highest standards. The majority of these stabilizers are made using the preferred non-directional wet-laid technique to ensure that the hooped piece has uniform, even tension, which is critical for getting good results. No matter what type or weight material is being sewing, the ideal stabilizer is available

  • OESD Stabilizers

    OESD Stabilizers A wide variety of OESD Stabilizers to fit all of your embroidery needs.Oklahoma Embroidery Supply & Designs sets the standard for quality, convenience and range of stabilizer products. All OESD stabilizer products are of fully professional grade, cut and packaged for your convenience.

  • Madeira Stabilizers

    Stabilizer Rolls are great for use with large embroidery hoops or projects that require multiple hoopings and small embroidery.This reclosable packaging protects stabilizers from dirt and moisture.Packaging is color coded and facilitates selection—tear-aways are green, wash-aways are blue, and cut-aways are orange.

  • Brother Stabilizers

    Brother Stabilizers When doing machine embroidery, the use of the proper stabilizer helps to provide a good foundation as well as preventing fabric slippage and puckering. Brother offers a variety of stabilizers that are ideal for a variety of fabrics.

  • Stabilize It Stabilizers

    Stabilize It! Tear Away, Cut Away, Wash Away has a product for every embroidery need. It features the most popular stabilizers on the market, in two sizes and a variety of weights and applications. Small boxes include 50 sheets, size 7-1/2” x 9” to fit 4” x 4” hoops. Large boxes include 50 sheets, size 9” x 12-1/2” to fit 5” x 7” hoops.

  • Stabilizers

    Our Private Label Stabilizer.The perfect variety package.. Peel and Stick - 12" x 5 yardHeavy Weight Cut Away - 12" x 5 yardMedium Weight Tear Away - 12" x 5 yardWater Soluble Topping - 12" x 5 yard

  • Stuck Adhesive Stabilizer

    This Amazing New adhesive tearaway embroidery stabilizer was created for the most sticking power without gumming up your needle or fabric. 9" Embroidery Sticky Stabilizer-$1.00 per foot 13.75" Embroidery Sticky Stabilizer-$1.50 per foot 18" Embroidery Sticky Stabilizer-$2.00 per foot

  • SIA Embroidery Stabilizer

    SIA pressure sensitive adhesive backed tear-away stabilizer is a polyester fabric that adheres to the back of the Hoop-It-All hoops allowing you to attach your fabric to it rather than hooping your fabric within hoop frames. SIA™ is required to hold the fabric in place on the hoop and prevents shifting of the fabric. In some cases no other stabilizer is required such as on caps, purses, and heavy weight fabrics. If the garment is not to be worn next to the body, the SIA™ release liner can be placed under the hoop for better stability. SIA™ yields better quality embroidery than non adhesive stabilizers.

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