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Brother Dream Machine

Your dreams...and ours are made real through a bounty of new and refined features captured in THE Dream Machine™. Our most powerful, technologically advanced combination machine includes 100 new or improved features. THE Dream Machine™ awakens your creativity as it allows you to construct your designs on our largest workspace ever. Dream bigger with our largest embroidery area, create in a wealth of new design and editing options and envision it all with the industry’s largest build-in LCD display. Designed by geniuses. Inspired by dreamers.

  1. 11.25” needle to arm
  2. 5-inch height from sewing bed to top of machine arm
  3. Full-spectrum LEDs which mimic natural daylight
  4. Almost 10-inches of full-spectrum lighting around the needle
  5. Adjustable LED lighting in five settings
  6. Automatic needle threading system
  7. Ergonomic large start/stop button
  8. Separate bobbin winder system
  9. Adjustable bobbin winding speed
  1. InnovEye® 2 Technology
  2. Up to 3x clearer camera resolution
  3. Up to 2x faster scanning speed
  4. Presser foot lever in convenient location
  5. Extra high lift presser foot
  6. Slow, quiet-close cover
  7. Ergonomic handle shape
  8. Navy accent line on the machine front in both sewing and embroidery settings with Disney’s silver decoration plate
  1. Draw directly on the large LCD display to create embroidery
  2. Line-art scan and embroidery
  3. Drawing or .jpg scan and embroidery
  4. Scan and stipple
  5. 30 stamp frames
  6. Combine creations with pre-digitized and build-in designs and fonts
  1. Auto line completion
  2. Stitch setting attributes
  3. Embroidery image preview screen
  4. Built-in Up-close™ Viewer with zoom capability up to 400%
  5. ScanImation™ Scanning Frame
  1. Color Shuffling® 2 with pin function to set desired thread colors
  2. Droplight™ LED Embroidery Positioning Marker
  3. Ultrasonic sensor function to set embroidery position and angle
  4. Camera scanning in two different speed modes
  5. AccuTrac™ embroidery system for better under arm support
  6. InnovEye® 2 Technology and Snowman® Embroidery Positioning Marker for precise needle and embroidery placement
  7. Built-in Up-close™ Viewer with zoom capability up to 200%
  8. InnovaChrome™ LED Thread Color System
  9. 38% larger embroidery area, 9.5” x 14”
  10. New stronger frame design with better gripping surface
  11. Built-in extra-large designs for the jumbo 9.5” x 14” embroidery frame
  12. 166 embroidery designs featuring Disney • Pixar characters
  13. 773 built-in Brother embroidery designs in total
  14. 15 home furnishings designs
  15. 5 pet designs
  16. 20 Japanese designs
  17. 18 quilt designs
  18. 18 built-in technique designs
  19. 30 Swiss designs from Zundt
  20. 8 cool designs
  1. 140 frame pattern combinations
  2. 22 embroidery alphabets with full complement of symbols, including 2 small fonts
  3. Built-in Greek alphabet
  4. Print and Stitch™ Technology for 3D Art
  5. Embroider up to 1,050 stitches per minute
  6. Go forward or backward up to 1,000 stitches
  7. Embroidery background color adjusting feature
  8. Monochrome embroidery for single color embellishment
  9. Jump stitch thread trimming
  10. Thread wiper
  11. Resume function
  12. Thread sensors for upper and lower threads
  13. Embroidery frame display
  14. Embroidery basting function
  15. Embroidery thread palettes
  16. Built-in alignment function for designs and borders
  17. Trial position
  18. Change alphabet character appearance/layout with more flexibility for individual text editing
  19. Design duplication mode with embroidery editing
  20. 175 sewing stitch designs available in embroidery mode
  21. Readable PHC files
  22. Built-in Appliqué Creator
  23. Embroidery drag and drop
  1. Sew Straight™ 2 with brighter laser and wider side range
  2. Ultrasonic sensor function to set the stitch position, width, length or laser guide position
  3. MuVit™ Digital Dual Feed System
  4. New foot for couching with MuVit™ Digital Dual Feed System
  5. Multi-function foot controller for hands-free control of select sewing functions
  6. Enhanced My Custom Stitch™ feature with the ability to combine and edit custom and more than 40 built-in sample stitches
  7. Automatic Height Adjuster™ (AHA®) feature for automatic presser foot pressure
  8. Pattern connection with InnovEye® 2 Technology
  9. Reinforcement stitch
  10. Virtual Stitch PreviewTM with InnovEye® 2 Technology
  11. Edge sewing with InnovEye® 2 Technology
  12. Lightning-quick pivoting functionality, with customizable foot height
  1. Sew without thread for paper punching
  2. Square feeding system with powerful and longer feed dogs
  3. Large adjustable knee lifter with three positions
  4. Needle plate detector for safe operation
  5. Ruler design with zero mark at the needle to help center designs
  6. 149 utility stitches
  7. 577 decorative stitches, including vintage, heirloom and wide designs
  8. 5 sewing fonts: 3 alphabet and 1 Cyrillic and 1 Japanese font
  9. Sew up to 1,050 stitches per minute
  10. Sew decorative stitches up to 710 stitches per minute
  11. Free motion mode to automatically adjust the foot height
  12. Automatic feed dog switching
  13. Back to beginning key
  14. Improved sewing with longer feed dogs
  1. Large 10.1’’ built-in HD LCD display – 23% larger than previous Brother screens
  2. More than 16 million possible colors with no color shifting on LCD
  3. MPEG4 replay function
  4. Embroidery design and sewing stitch selection scroll bar for easier navigation
  1. Adjustable display color for easy editing
  2. Built-in screensavers with viewing adjustment options
  3. Personalized screensaver functionality
  4. Realistic preview of selected stitches and patterns
  5. Faster on-screen design rendering
  6. More than 40 built-in instructional videos
  1. 3 USB ports
  2. High-speed 2.0 port for design transfer
  3. A third port for computer connectivity and built-in designs and fonts future upgrades
  4. Customizable USB mouse pointer functions for an optional mouse
  5. Optional external USB embroidery card reader
  6. Easy-to-navigate home screen
  7. New easy-to-use screen layout
  8. Adjustable sound in 5 levels
  1. Larger internal memory capacity for embroidery and sewing stitches
  2. 13 build-in languages
  3. High power CPU
  4. Presser foot and needle changing key for safe operations
  5. Screen lock
  6. Time and date key
  7. Eco mode
  8. Shut-off supporting mode
  1. Includes four sizes of embroidery frames:
    9.5” x 14”, 8” x 12”, 5” x 7” and 4” x 4”
  2. 16 accessory feet included
  3. Includes 3 free-motion quilting foot and 1 piecing foot
  4. 2-spool thread stand
  5. High-quality accessory box for storage within arm of machine
  1. 3 removable accessory trays
  2. Custom rolling bag set
  3. New multi-function screwdriver
  4. V-Sonic™ Pen Pal for sewing and embroidery
  5. Straight stitch needle plate and straight stitch foot
  6. Bobbin case for bobbin work

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