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Dime shortE Embroidery Short Arm


The embroidery short arm with a long reach

Daunting. Frustrating. Awkward. These are just a few words that describe why many people avoid quilting with their embroidery machine.

The challenges abound!

  1. It is difficult to maneuver massive yardage of fabric through your embroidery machine for quilting.
  2. You struggle to keep all the layers taut as you quilt.
  3. You might even avoid more decorative stitching and opt for a simple stitch-in-the-ditch method of quilting. But even that is challenging.
  4. You spend a good portion of time pin basting the quilt top, batting and quilt back fabric before you can start quilting.
  5. Re-hooping the fabric with a traditional hoop is enough to make you want to quit!

But now... those challenges are a thing of the past! For over 1 year, Designs in Machine Embroidery has been developing and testing a new product that will change the way you approach quilting!

Introducing... the shortE! The embroidery short arm with a long reach!

Easily create one-of-a-kind quilts using the patent pending shortE quilt frame system. The compact frame design works with a single needle embroidery machine to hold bulky quilts out of the way. The shortE is designed to work in tandem with the Snap Hoop Monster for quick and simple re-hooping right under the needle. With shortE holding the weight of the quilt and Snap Hoop Monster creating the tension, quilting large quilts with a single needle machine is a breeze.

Features and Benefits

  • Works with most single needle embroidery machines plus Snap Hoop Monster (sold separately)
  • Solid, aluminum-tube frame for maximum quilting performance
  • Requires no special furniture – use with your existing sewing table or any tabletop with a surface at least 25” x 28”
  • Easy to assemble
    • Brackets slide on and off
    • Rails disassemble with a twist
    • Adjustable support legs with non-marring caps for table heights up to 34”
    • Breaks down in 5 minutes
  • Weighs under 30 lbs.
  • Ships in 52” x 25” x 6” box
  • Two rail configurations
    • Narrow rail 45”
    • Wider rail 72”*
      *If your machine arm measures 9"-12", the shortE can accommodate King Size quilts
  • Small Footprint
    • Wide requires a 78” x 46” space
    • Narrow requires a 50” x 46” space
  • Roller bars evenly distribute quilt weight
  • Easy to use – no basting needed
  • Perfect for free-motion quilting, too
  • Ideal for small businesses!
  • shortE costs a fraction of a longarm quilting system and takes up less space!
  • Made in the USA

Included in the Box:

  • Printed Assembly Instructions
  • Video on Assembly Tips and Quilting On the shortE
  • 16 Free Embroidery Designs (A 99.99 Value!)
  • 4 sheets of Print & Stick Target Template Paper

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