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FREE Accessory Package with NEW MACHINE PURCHASE!!!

  • 360 Wonderfoot
  • Q'nique Laser for Q'nique machines (or Gracie Laser for Little Rebel)
  • Horizontal Spool holder
  • Cutting Mat Combo
  • Cutter Combo
  • 3 Piece Hopping Foot Kit
  • 16 Pack Finesse Thread
  • Bobbins
  • Free Motion Starter Kit

Worth Over $1,000

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$100 Reserves your 'seat' for preorder. You won't be charged the full amount until the Rebel is ready to ship. 

Crafters and Quilters deserve a machine that can help them create projects as imaginative as they are.

From Length, to stitch-speed, to its sewing-to-quilting feature, the Little Rebel is designed to be the tool you need for your next step in crafting, sewing, or quilting.


Spend Less Time Switching
Jump from straight stitch to free motion in a flash, so you can spend more time doing what you love.
Little Rebel Quilting Machine
Reaching Your Dreams
With it's 13in throat length and over 8 inches of clearance your Little Rebel will never choke on your crafting goals.

Crafting, At the Speed Of You
With a speed of up to 1600 stitches per minute, the little rebel will always keep up with your aspirations.


Crafters need a tool that won't choke on their projects.
The Little Rebel sewing machine has a big, 13 inch throat and over 8 inches of clearance to make crafting easier.

Quilters need a machine that can go the distance.
From Baby blankets to King-size wall hangings, your bobbin can be the highlight or the bane of your project time.

The Little Rebel uses the big M-Class bobbin, just like larger quilting machines;

so you can quilt longer without pausing for bobbin swapping.

How far can you go on less bobbin changing?

Sewing Hobbyists of all stripes depend on a machine that can stand up to any project they need to do.
With it's powerful motor, the Little Rebel can engage with any type of fabric you can put to it. From soft minky to leather to canvas. If you're ready to sew, she's ready to go.

Costume making demands a machine that can stitch without issue. But what if you could switch from piecing to free motion in seconds, with the same machine?
The Little Rebel can do just that. How will you embellish your stitch designs with free-motion freedom?

The pro sewist needs a machine that can do everything a home machine can keep up with them.
With a max speed of 1600 stitches per minute, the Little Rebel can give you professional tier stitching every time you sit down to it.

Free Accessory Package
with NEW Machine Purchase

Includes: 10 ft. Luminess Light Bar, Quilter's Compass: Lines & Loops, 1.5" Mini Quilt Clips, TrueCut® Quilter's
Combo, 45mm Rotary Blade, 1 pack of M-Class Bobbins, and an 8-pack of Finesse Thread (Ruby Red,
Thicket Brown, Marigold, Magenta, Canyon Shale, Deep Forest, Mauve Orchid, and Desert Flower)


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