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The next generation in JUKI Home Sewing Machines is setting a new standard with 12″ of sewing space, digital tension, JUKI Smart Feed, and interchangeable single needle system.
Continuing JUKI’s characteristic of commitment to high performance and functions, the HZL-NX7 Kirei (kee-ray) provides a wide sewing area, touchscreen interface, and a multitude of other functions!
The HZL-NX7 was crowned with the name “Kirei” meaning “beautiful”, as a reflection of JUKI’s Japanese heritage. With captivating beauty, Kirei will bring high-quality and reliability to all of your sewing and quilting projects. Beautiful form, beautiful function.


Control System Computer
Number Of Stitch Patterns 351
Number Of Available Fonts 4
Buttonhole Automatic (sensor system) with clamping plate
Start/Stop Button Green: Ready to start and/or while sewing
Red: Not ready to start
Orange: When the lock stitch button is pressed while the sewing machine is engaged in pattern sewing.
Maximum Stitch Speed 1,050 sti/min
Number Of Available Fonts 4
Auto Thread Trimming Automatic simultaneous needle thread and bobbin thread cutting
Automatic Needle Threader Yes
Thread Tension System Automatic
Automatic Lock Stitch Automatic lock stitch and thread trimming
Feed Mechanism Box Feed mechanism
Dual Feed Function For sewing shirring, etc., and preventing bunched stitching
Presser Foot Pressure Adjustment Stepless adjustment (digital)
Drop Feed Retractable feed dogs for free motion and button-stitching. For bobbin winding simply by winding thread around the bobbin without passing through the hole in the bobbin
Bobbin Thread Winder Bobbin winder with independent motor
Quick Bobbin Preparation Start sewing by simply passing the thread through a guide, without needing to pull the bobbin thread
Light Counts the amount of bobbin thread used based on the stitch length and number of stitches sewn
Number Of Stitch Patterns 6 LED lights
Function To Straight-Line Stitching Straight stitch throat plate, straight stitch feed dogs and straight stitch presser foot
Micro-Lifter Presser foot pressure settings by icons
Free Arm Removable auxiliary bed for easy sewing in hard to reach areas such as sleeves,hems and necklines
Change In The Length/Wide Of Stitches Dial system/LCD numerical display
Stitch width: Max. 7 mm
Stitch length: Max. 5 mm
Number Of Needle Positin(Straight Stitch/Other Than Srtaight Stitch) 37/According to pattern
Pattern(Right And Left)Reverse Up/down and left/right
Twin Needle Sewing Optional twin needle
Elongation Pattern Change the overall length without changing the sewing density of the pattern
Adjustable Starting / Reverse Stitch Speed Adjustable start/reverse/knot stitch speed
Needle Up/Down Button For switching between raising and lowering the needle
Low-Speed Inching Sewing For sewing at an extremely slow speed at the press of a button
Needle Stop Position Switching For switching the needle to either the raised or lowered position when the machine is stopped
Presser Foot Pivot Function Function to automatically raise the presser foot when the needle is stopped in the lower position when stopping sewing
Save/Call Of Patterns 10 patterns
Height Of Lifting Of Presser Foot (1 Step/2 Steps) Press the black button on the standard presser foot to hold it in a horizontal position at the start of sewing thick fabrics
Quick Bobbin Preparation Button system: 6810mm/12mm
Lever system: 6mm/12mm
Knee-lifting Lever system: 6810mm/12mm
Lock Mode For disabling all operations when the machine is turned on
Soft Case Case to protect the sewing machine from damage and dust
Knee Lifting Lever Included (electronic knee lifting control mechanism)
Wide Table Table to expand the work space of the sewing machine
Foot Controller Included (with separate foot switch)
Accessory Case Storage case for small accessories including presser feet
Accessories Standard presser foot (A)/Straight stitch presser footS/Zipper presser foot (B)/Overcasting presser foot (C)/Blind stitch presser foot (D)/Buttonhole presser foot (E)/Manual buttonhole presser foot (I)/Open toe presser foot (O)/Patchwork presser foot (P)/7mm presser foot7/Quilt presser foot(for Ruler) (Q)/Throat plate for straight stitch/Straight stitch feed dog/Touch pen/Bobbin (4)/Needle set HA X 1 # 11 (1):# 14 (1):# 16 (1):for knit # 11 (1)/Quilt guide/Auxiliary spool pin/T-shape screwdriver/Ripper/Cleaning brush/Spool cap (large)/Spool cap (Middle)/Spool cap (Small)/Foot Controller/Knee-lifting lever/Power cord/Wide table/soft case/Instruction manual
Dimensions(Mm) 17.5"(W) x 11.4"(H) x 8.27"(D) /445(W) x 290(H) x 210(D) mm
Arm Size 11.9"(L) x 4.7" (H)
Weight 14.1kg/ 31.08lbs

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